Cloud storage is a network of online storage devices where data is stored on multiple virtual servers. provides a robust and highly scalable cloud store for your media content and/or business critical applications.  This exciting technology enables you to offload your entire storage requirements onto our cloud with the following advantages:

COST is significantly reduced as the infrastructure is provided by us and does not need to be purchased for infrequent or one-time media storage and distribution requirements.

ACCESS to your data is available using a web browser regardless of your location or what device you   are using (e.g., PC, Smart Phone).

RELIABILITY is significantly improved through an array of redundant sites making our cloud suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery.

SCALABILITY is achieved with the ability of your cloud storage to grow in near real-time in response to any increased demand requirements.

PERFORMANCE is greatly improved using a cluster compute approach by combining multiple server resources into a single platform.

SECURITY issues are addressed by distributing your data over a wider array of devices and in different remote locations.