Traditionally, video streaming has been out of reach for most small to medium enterprises due to the high costs associated with running streaming servers in-house.

Those who chose to outsource this service had to negotiate long- term contracts with minimum commitments in order to have access to a global streaming infrastructure needed to provide high performance video streaming of their media content.

The team at have developed a low cost service designed to make high speed video streaming affordable to any business large or small.

Key Features:

Fast – Using our CDN (Content Delivery Network) caches copies of your content on a server closest to your end user locations, significantly lowering latency when they download or stream your media. passes on the benefits of our volume discounts directly to our clients. You only pay a low monthly subscription for the content that you deliver through our network.

Scalable – With, you don’t need to worry about maintaining an expensive web-server infrastructure to cope with any potential traffic spikes for your most popular media content. Our system will automatically respond as demand increases or decreases without any intervention from you.

Reliable – is built using a network of edge servers around the world which will automatically route end users to the closest location ensuring a speedy and reliable experience. uses a global network of edge servers located in Ireland, the United States, across Europe and Asia resulting is a consistant high standard regardless of your clients viewing location.