Player & Channel Management

Flash Player:

The video player includes your media content with an area for additional channel information and chat functionality. The ability to change between bit rates, adjust the volume control and go to full screen are all features built into the player application.

The live chat functionality adds an engaging way for viewers to watch and respond to content with others, creating a social element for your live streaming event. The player also includes a fully integrated pay per view option for live stream events and previously recorded content which allows viewers to purchase content without to need to leave the player.

Furthermore, by selecting one of our pre-installed player skins, or by designing your own player skin, you can customize the style of your video players to reflect your Brand’s image.

Video Channel Management:

The channel manager can include a mix of channel types, from live to archived content. The system enables the grouping of media for an integrated content experience. Playlists can include several content types together, including VOD content.

This conveys a TV channel-like experience and provides an outlet for broadcasters to have complete control over how their viewers access their content. This makes it easy to keep a playlist channel updated with relevant content.

Our network infrastructure is supported by 24/7 network monitoring to ensure a reliable and secure platform. Servers utilize RAID 5 security which guarantees that content will not be lost or interrupted in the event of a server crash. We can restrict streams based on geographical location and site specific URL ensuring that content is being streamed only from broadcaster approved sites and services.