Video Performance Analysis

It is vitally important that you should have comprehensive, real-time analytics at your disposal if you are to analyse the performance of your video material. offers a full suite of built-in video analytics.

Real-Time Analytics
Real-time tracking of your video performance is provided by our reports on the number of page embeds, video plays together with the total time viewed per account, per video per day.

Google Analytics
If you insert your Google Analytics account ID, our players will send Google details of your page embeds, video plays and total time viewed. This means that you can match and compare your video and regular page analytics.

Video Engagement
Video engagement charts enable you to assess the performance of a particular video by observing where/when viewers drop off, which sections are replayed etc. Video performance can then be enhanced by modifying/focusing content and/or reducing playing time and then re-uploading the edited video.

Export to Excel
Offline analysis may be undertaken by exporting analytics data to Excel or any other CSV-capable package. This facility helps to extract additional levels of detail from the data such as a split between player streams and video downloads.