Distribute Video in the Cloud

Publish your videos to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with ease and use our inbuilt RSS Feeds to publish videos to iTunes and Google.

Facebook and Twitter
Publish your videos on Facebook and Twitter with a single click from our Dashboard. Our video players display share shortcuts to facilitate viral content sharing.

Upload to YouTube
With the VideoWise.tv platform you can upload your videos directly to your YouTube account. This can prevent multiple video uploads and enables you to transfer video metadata like video title and tags.

RSS Syndication
Syndicate your RSS feed for your playlists to iTunes. RSS allows you to distribute your content to multiple syndication partners. With our playlist options, you decide which videos can and cannot be syndicated.

Google Search
With our Video Sitemap SDK you can generate a video sitemap for submission to the search engines. This video sitemap will provide Google and other search engines with the page location and metadata for your video content, so they can show up in the natural search results.