Design your own customized video player

By using our versatile toolkit you can design a customized video package that is perfectly tailored to the needs of your business. offers an attractive suite of facilities, including a built-in version of JW Player and associated plugins and skins as well as direct integrations with the most popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Point & Click Styling
The wide range of features of the JW Player allows you to easily and conveniently generate customized video players. You can use our Dashboard to set up your own layout, dimensions, playback and other options and features as required.

Create Your Own Player Skin
By selecting one of our pre-installed player skins, or by designing your own player skin, you can customize the style of your video players to reflect your Brand’s image. Skins may be built using any image editor and uploaded directly to Videowise.

Integrated Playlists
You can publish all your playlists with a single player using the Videowise built-in visual playlist facility. A preview thumbnail, together with metadata, is displayed for each video and various playback settings, such as shuffle and/or repeat, may be selected as desired.

Sharing Your Videos
Our social sharing options enable your users to share the video link or embed the code. We also provide shortcuts for sharing to Facebook and Twitter.

Watermarking Your Player
Video stream default encryption is via RTMPe protocol, designed to prevent content theft from your videos. Our Content Signing protocol prevents leeching of your video material – i.e. unauthorized linking from mother sites and we also support HTTPS.