Streaming – Delivering Your Videos

Our adaptive streaming technology and built-in content delivery network allows you to deliver excellent HD quality video.

Universal Players
All you need is a single line of embed code to enable you to publish your player and it will work seamlessly in both Flash and HTML5. Our service includes cross-platform and multi-device support which facilitates viewing not only from your desktop, but from mobile platforms such as an iPad, iPhone and Android.

Adaptive Streaming
Optimized video quality for all viewers is achieved by our adaptive streaming technology which adjusts for device and connection speed and adapts video quality during playback as necessary.

HD Toggling
For those not interested in adaptive streaming, we offer a manual HD toggle which allows users to decide on the quality in which they wish to stream the video.

CDN Delivery Worldwide
With our service you will be assured of smooth delivery of your videos worldwide. Because we work with multiple Tier-1 CDNs, you will be able to deliver high quality videos with only short buffering delays, irrespective of where you and your viewers are located.

Encryption and Signing
Video stream default encryption is via RTMPe protocol, designed to prevent content theft from your videos. Our Content Signing protocol prevents leeching of your video material – i.e. unauthorized linking from mother sites and we also support HTTPS.

Direct Access to Other Assets
As well as video players, you can also link or embed other assets, such as video downloads, preview thumbnails, RSS feeds and iFrame friendly preview pages, in your own website or application.