Uploading & Encoding

Our platform enables you to upload and custom encode your files (video and audio) from any source such as your desktop, a mobile phone and FTP . You can also embed watermarks

FTP Batch Uploads
Using any FTP client, large videos or batches may be uploaded and your FTP login is the same as your VideoWise.tv Dashboard login. File resuming is also supported.

Managing Your Transcoding Profiles
You can adjust your transcoding profiles to suit your own preferences for file size and quality, as well as creating additional transcoding profiles in various file formats such as MP4, WebM and FLV. New transcodes may be rendered automatically or on demand.

Bypassing Transcoders
Using our Passthrough functionality you can bypass the transcoders and playback MP4 and FLV video uploads directly. This optimizes your original videos for web playback.

Watermarking Your Videos
You can insert a watermark into your videos to safeguard or brand your content. Any JPG, GIF or PNG image can be uploaded and the positioning and transparency may be set as desired.

Audio Support
Audio may be transcoded into AAC, Vorbis and MP3 formats and uploaded and managed as for video. Audio files can then be published via the player or by RSS podcasts.